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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Jan. 14, 2020

|| || drift, knife, eureka, hollow, work-related.
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The opening poem contains all the words (or variations of them) from today's Jumble.
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Do not explicitly reveal any of the actual answer words until after closing time, but embedding them surreptitiously in comment sentences is encouraged.


OwenKL said...

Orlando was a crewman on the Polar Star,
Bound to discover the Northwest Passage far,
But left adrift with a main mast in flinders,
Courtesy of a lightning storm presaging winter.

Carving scrimshaw with his knife kept Orlando sane
Until the eureka moment when a rescue came.
An Eskimo hunting party came upon the derelict
Took them to their village from the icebound wreck.

Filled the hollows of their stomachs with walrus meat.
Assisted them from the cruel arctic to retreat.
Orlando thanked his saviors for their rescue work,
And related in the future, the Northwest Passage he would shirk!

Misty said...

Loved your interesting Orlando poem, with a neat rescue story built in. So glad the helpful Eskimos kept Orlando safe. And it was fun to find all the Jumble words here and there, with the solution at the end, as always. I actually had to work a bit to get the third Jumble word which daunted me for a minute. But the solution popped right up, which was great. And I loved the cartoon, especially the colored version with the sisters having the same of hair and tops of the same color. Lots of fun.

Ol' Man Keith said...

That bleedin' *#@! Northwest Passage lured many a ship's crew to their death!
Glad this one had a happier outcome, at least for poor Orlando.
Happy too to see the words taken care of--and even the use of a beaut of a poetic word like "flinders" thrown in for good measure!

Today is the 24th anniversary for me and my bride. It is her second marriage and my third. Looks like we lucked out this time around, though it's not an uncommon story these days.
When she and I were in up the arctic circle (visiting a small town appropriately named Coldfoot), we were wise enough not to seek the NW Passage. We flew over the Yukon River to get there. We only spent the day--and saw the most beautiful aurora over our left wing as we were flying back.

Today's contribution:
The medics were having the devil of a time getting the injured drunk to respond to their anesthetic injections. The senior EMT, aware they were late to another call, added 5 ccs to the next shot, saying, "Let's get this jerk sedated so we can get moving!"

Wilbur Charles said...

Yep, Misty, I worked all around that third word with all those vowels. I was able to get the riddle-solution so I knew the three remaining letters.

Then I thought of Archimedes and that bathtub. A far cry from the bathtub Orlando and crew found themselves in.


Misty said...

Congratulations Ol'Man Keith, on your wedding anniversary. I must tell you that when I married my sweet Rowland, it was also my second marriage and his third, and we too remained married for over twenty years before I lost him. So, you're absolutely right--sometimes these later marriages are an amazing blessing, as yours clearly is!

Sandyanon said...

Wilbur, my experience was the same as yours. Good thing the solution was obvious, though I didn't think it very clever.

Really enjoyed your telling of Orlando's story, Owen. I like The the way you worked the solution in.